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In May , the Germans, who had entered World War II in September of the previous year, invaded the Netherlands and quickly made life increasingly .Though German Jewish teenager Anne Frank did not survive the Holocaust, the memoirs from her two years in hiding live on forever..Anne Frank was a Jewish teenager who went into hiding during the was a world famous German born diarist and World War II Holocaust victim. For all its passages of despair, Frank s diary is essentially a story of .Anne Frank is famous for her diary which details her life while she was hiding from the Germans during World War II. It gives insight into not only conditions in .

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    Watch video Desperate to escape Nazi persecution during World War II, Anne Frank’s family tried repeatedly to flee to the United States before going into hiding in , according to new researchpublished .

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    Get information about Anne Frank and discover interesting knowledge about World War II with DK Find Out. Anne and her family, who lived in Amsterdam, had to go into hiding after the Germans occupied the Netherlands. History ‘ World War II .

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    In , the Anne Frank Educational Centre Jugendbegegnungsst tte Anne Frank was opened in the Dornbusch neighbourhood of Frankfurt, where Frank lived with her family until . The Centre is “a place where both young people and adults can learn about the history of National Socialism and discuss its relevance to today.”.

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    On her th birthday in , Anne receives her famous diary, which she gives the name “Kitty.” The diary would later be published by Otto Frank, Anne’s father. It would become famous as a primary source from the time of the holocaust and world war II..