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  • Louisiana Cajun Navy

    Our Mission Rescue. Relieve. Rebuild. We don’t wait for the help, We are the help! We the people of Louisiana refuse to stand by and wait for help in the wake of disasters in our state and the country..

  • Cajuns Wikipedia

    Ethnic mixing and alternate origins. Shriver estimates that of Cajuns have no African or Native American ancestors about of Cajun people have at least . or non European ancestry..

  • This Woman Helped Save People During Hurricane

    Safe at home when Hurricane Harvey hit, one East Texas woman was desperate to help her neighbors. Then she turned on her computerand began saving lives..

  • Buy Cajun Clothing

    Cajun Clothing from the shipper of Louisiana Crawfish from the family that grows them. No one beats our crawfish quality, service and price. Shipping and Crawfish Seasoning Included. Live Crawfish, Boiled Crawfish, Crawfish Tails, Cajun Meats, Alligator, Gulf Shrimp.