Chief Customer Officer Exchange

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  • Chief Customer Officer Exchange

    Omnichannel Collaboration Bridge the Silos for Effective CX. Join us on May as we kick off the Chief Customer Officer Exchange, an exclusive invitation only event!.

  • Chief Data Officer Wikipedia

    A chief data officer CDO is a corporate officer responsible for enterprise wide governance and utilization of information as an asset, via data processing,ysis, data mining, information trading and other means..

  • The Term Ai Is Overused A Conversation With A Chief Data

    Listen to Chief Data Officer at the Intercontinental Exchange and NYSE Steve Hirsch on The Modern Customer Podcast Steve Hirsch has perhaps one of the most daunting data jobs in the world. As chief data officer at the Intercontinental Exchange and NYSE, his team is faced with massive amounts of data .

  • Brian Lillies Path From Cio To Chief Customer Officer At

    Brian Lillie managed his career goal of becoming a CIO much like a chess master manages the chess board thinking several steps in advance. At Equinix, a leader in the global colocation datacenter space, he achieved his goal and has since advanced beyond it, now as the Chief Customer Officer..