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Once digital is on a CEO s radar, the urge to act swiftlyfor example, by appointing a chief digital officer with an ill defined portfoliois .The room is “the heart of ING s transformation,” says Roel Louwhoff, the bank s chief operating officer and chief transformation officer..Unternehmensberater der Boston Consulting Group bekommen einen neuen Chef. Fabio Buckeridge is the Chief Digital Officer at Braskem, and heads up .BCG A CEOs Guide to Leading Digital Transformation years or more has enduring and officer and chief transformation officer. innovation. Digitize .

  • Transformer In Chief The New Chief Digital Officer

    The CDO role is changing dramatically. Here are the skills today’s world demands. In the alphabet soup that is today’s crowded C suite, few roles attract as much attention as that of the chief digital officer, or CDO. While the position isn’t exactly new, what’s required of the average CDO is..

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    Responsibilities of the Chief Digital Officer the Argyle Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum in New York a few weeks back I delivered a keynote on the rise of the Chief Digital Officer .

  • What Is A Chief Digital Officer A Digital Strategist And

    What is a chief digital officer? A digital strategist and evangelist in chief A chief digital officer strategically transforms a company’s technological future in a way many CIOs don’t have .

  • What Is A Chief Digital Officer Everything You Need To

    Because the chief digital officer role is so reliant on the use of technology, there is an overlap with the chief information officer CIO position and there’s some competition as a result .