Chief Digital Officer Bio

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  • Th Learning And Development Leadership Summit India

    India’s most relevant and top level conference for learning and development professionals across industries..

  • Team Fundrx

    Justin is a founder of FundRx and serves as its Chief Technology Officer. Justin is a Software Craftsman and serial entrepreneur, having held senior technical and advisory roles at over ten startup ventures..

  • Duncan Channon A Two Time Ad Age Agency Of The Year

    The Purpose Practice. In an increasingly networked and transparent world, a brand’s appeal, and ultimate loyalty, is as much dependent on how it behaves as the quality of the products it offers..

  • Our Team Tandem

    Objective and pragmatic, David is a seasoned non executive director, with experience in both buoyant and challenging market conditions. His experience, calmness and patience provides a balancing counterpoint to the overall dynamism of the Tandem Board and he helps steady the direction of our ambitious future..