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  • Say Goodbye To The Chief Digital Officer Forbes

    Therein lies the problem Even when loosely defined t he digital role is performed by the Chief Customer Officer, Chief Innovation Officer or Chief Technology Officer. There is also overlap with the Chief Marketing .

  • Do You Need A Chief Digital Officer To Manage Your Digital

    Do you need a Chief Digital Officer to manage your digital transformation? Study from PwC shows the need for Chief Digital Officers in larger organisations The digital revolution is transforming all business departments see this article from Forbes. once business leaders understand that the Chief Digital Officer is a role born from .

  • Cdo You Say Chief Digital Officer I Say Chief Data Officer

    While the chief data officer deals with data as a business asset, the chief digital officer deals more with an organization’s movement from traditional business processes to digital contexts .

  • What Is A Chief Digital Officer A Digital Strategist And

    At many companies, the chief digital officer is a customer facing role that signals a commitment to a digital future. At others, the chief digital officer’s main responsibility is to strategically transform the company’s technological future in a way many CIOs don’t have the bandwidth to do..