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  • Say Goodbye To The Chief Digital Officer Forbes

    We barely knew them, but it would appear the CDO has left the building already. A few years ago I was working as Chief Technology Evangelist at a recognised software vendor, whose mantra at that time was geared towards the ‘Digital Enterprise’..

  • Volkswagens Chief Digital Officer Joins Forbes

    Johann Jungwirth,Volkswagen CDO joins the Supervisory Board of the Iota Foundation one of the largest cryptocurrencies in the world, to oversee the Foundation’s annual roadmap and advise on future .

  • Cdo Summit Chief Digital Officer Summit

    “Congratulations and thanks to David Mathison for spotting the need for community and collaboration in the growing Chief Digital Officer space, and for having the wherewithal, network, and organizational talent to put together .

  • Chief Marketing Officer Wikipedia

    A chief marketing officer CMO or marketing director is a corporate executive responsible for marketing activities in an organization. The CMO leads brand management, marketing communications including advertising, promotions and public relations , market research, sales management, product development, distribution .

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