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Forrester s CIO predictions also include major changes to recruitment practices and digital business models..Predictions CIOs Make The Chief Digital Officer Obsolete Digital transformation will dominate business strategy in , and CEOs will .Do you see the chief digital officer CDO as some kind of digital superhero, swooping in to rescue a dysfunctional business and transform it .The chief digital officer role is expected to become obsolete within five years as chief information officers become more business savvy and .

  • The reality of today’s Digital Transformation means that massive amounts of data of many different types are generated in the course of .

  • Nova Capital Management Limited “Nova” , the specialist acquirer of corporate and private equity portfolios, has announced the sale of Wax Digital .

  • This article presents the business level strategy of Google within the online advertising industry. Learn more about Google Business Strategy in this essay. Starting with a short overview of the online advertising industry.

  • During the Australian gold rushes, significant numbers of workers both from other areas within Australia and from overseas relocated to areas in which .