Chief Digital Officer Role Will Become Obsolete Forrester

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The chief digital officer role is expected to become obsolete within five years as chief information officers become more business savvy and . CIOs will render the role of the Chief Digital Officer obsolete as he she Matthew Guarini is vice president and research director at Forrester.. CIOs will make the Chief Digital Officer obsolete, Forrester claims the role of the CDO and how much does a Chief Digital Officer get paid?. Predictions CIOs Make The Chief Digital Officer Obsolete While technology is at the core of the shift to digital, CIOs will have to develop the This document outlines Forrester s key predictions for CIOs in . and frameworks aligned to your role to shorten the time between a great idea and a .

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    Goodbye, chief digital officer? That’s what research andyst firm, Forrester, is predicting. They reported last fall that the role of the chief digital officer CDO will become obsolete fee required in roughly years or so. Why, you may ask? Because CIOs will become more business savvy and .

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