Digital Communications Officer London

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  • Digital Ship Maritime Cio Forum London

    This Digital Ship Conference takes place in London in June and will look at how digitalisation is re shaping the business world. We will investigate how digitalisation is impacting the maritime industry and will discuss opportunities within shipping and the related transport and supply chain infrastructure..

  • People Digitalhealth London

    The Accelerator aims to speed up the adoption of technology in London’s NHS, relieving pressure on services and empowering patients to manage their health..

  • Cdo Summit Chief Digital Officer Summit

    Slava Akmaev, Ph.D., is the Senior VP and Chiefytics Officer at BERG. Dr. Akmaev is the industry leader in AI and machine learning applications in .

  • Internal Communications Conference Engagement

    Internal Communications Conference Capitalise On The Latest Opportunities In Social Media New Technologies Motivate During Times Of Change For Measurable, Company Wide Engagement Which Boosts Productivity ROI.