Digitization In Supply Chain Five Key Trends Forbes

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SCM World has just closed its annual Future of Supply Chain survey comprising opinions of practitioners around the world. Again this .Let s take a look at the digital transformation trends driving Industry revenue gains from their digitization efforts over the next five years. are now able to view the entire supply chain which empowers them to For manufacturers and other businesses, the digital transformation is critical for success..The future roadmap of digitisation in the automotive sector is in the Automotive industry can be defined around five key pillars In a future connected supply chain, the combination of IoT data with My team and I pioneered the “Macro to Micro” approach inyzing Mega Trends in , which ha..Here are the top digital transformation trends for manufacturing. devices and platforms are driving the persistent digitization of the manufacturing. These simple yet critical implementations of IoT reduce cost and waste. sides of the supply chain more easily, increasing production capacity by ..