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  • Korean Interior Design Inspiration

    However, the region where a design grows up, learns, and lives can certainly influence his or her style. In this post, we explore selections from the portfolio of Jung wook Han , a Seoul based interior designer who draws inspiration from traditional Korean aesthetic ideals as well as contemporary design theory..

  • Korean Style Minimalist Home Home Design

    Korean Style Minimalist Home Having a minimalist home is everyone’s dream, a lot of inspiration minimalist home can be used as a benchmark one Korean style minimalist home that recently very popular in Asia. Korea is a country known for its tradition, as well as music, fashion and Korean dramas are much loved Indonesian teenagers..

  • Korean Modern House With Modern Technology Design Style

    Korean Modern House Development. As the other houses that have the specific style, the Korean house is also has the specific style. The Korean house that built in modern style is created with the highly technology system inside the house system..