Ireland Abortion Referendum

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  • Ireland Referendum Country Votes In Landmark

    Voters in Ireland cast their ballots in a landmark referendum to decide whether to remove a constitutional amendment that bans . in .

  • Irelands Referendum Becomes A Test For

    Ireland’s referendum on Friday has turned into a test of whether Facebook and Google can prevent foreign meddling from swaying the outcome..

  • Irelands Referendum Tests Its Catholic Traditions

    More than four decades after being legalized in the U.S., . remains illegal in almost all cases in Ireland. But Friday’s referendum might change that..

  • What Was The Ireland Referendum Result When

    IRELAND voted in favour of legalising . in a historic referendum in May . Previously, thousands of women from Ireland had been forced to seek terminations in Britain because they were prohibited from obtaining them in Ireland unless their lives were in danger. The polls officially opened .