Ireland Abortion Referendum

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  • In The Republic Of Ireland Wikipedia

    . in Ireland is currently illegal but is in the process of reform after a referendum was passed replacing a provision in the Constitution of Ireland, which gave equal value to the life of the unborn foetus to that of its mother, with one permitting the Oireachtas parliament to legislate for the termination of pregnancies..

  • Irish Referendum Ireland Overturns

    The Republic of Ireland votes to overturn its . ban with . backing reform of the constitution..

  • Ireland Referendum History Behind The Th

    As Ireland considers repealing one of the world’s strictest . laws, these are the four moments in modern Irish history to know about..

  • Ireland Referendum Could Lift Strict Ban On

    Ireland’s referendum Friday represented more than a vote on whether to end the country’s strict . ban. It was a battle for the very soul of a traditionally conservative Roman Catholic nation that has seen a wave of liberalization in recent years..