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Image Result For Japan Earthquake

Tokyo CNN Yet another natural disaster has struck part of Japan, continuing a summer of chaos that has seen the country weather deadly .Japan hit by deadly earthquake and mudslides. Japan s northern island of Hokkaido has been hit by a powerful earthquake, triggering landslides that engulfed houses. The magnitude . quake cut power to around three million homes after a thermal power plant was damaged..A powerful earthquake of magnitude . left residents trapped inside their homes as a landslide blocked roads, engulfed buildings and led to .

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    This is a list of earthquakes in Japan with either a magnitude greater than or equal to . or which caused significant damage or casualties. As indicated below, magnitude is measured on the Richter magnitude scale M L or the moment magnitude scale M w , or the surface wave magnitude scale M s for very old earthquakes.The present list is .

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    Japan has had M. or greater earthquakes in the past earthquakes in the past days earthquakes in the past days earthquakes in .

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    [Earthquake and Seismic Intensity Information] The map and text below show the following details a the observed Seismic Intensity and above and its location and region, b the date and time of the earthquake, and c its epicenter and magnitude..

  • Japan Hit By Earthquake Off Coast Of Honshu Day

    A day after a massive earthquake near Alaska sparked tsunami alerts for the U.S. West Coast, a magnitude . quake was reported early Wednesday off the coast of Japan, officials said..