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Victor Mature in Pickup Alley Anita Ekberg and Trevor Howard in Pickup Alley Victor Mature and Peter Elliott in Pickup Alley Victor Mature .Drama , Film Noir. Hugo Haas, Arnold Lipp as Arnold Phillips Hugo Haas, Beverly Michaels, Allan Nixon..Stowaway Girl. . James Prothero Pickup Alley. . Frank McNally Around the World in Days. . Denis Fallentin Reform Club Member .Interpol known in the USA as Pickup Alley is a British Warwick Films crime film shot in External links[edit]. Interpol on IMDb Interpol at AllMovie Interpol at the TCM Movie Database Pickup Alley at the American Film Institute Catalog .

  • Interpol Film Wikipedia

    Interpol known in the USA as Pickup Alley is a British Warwick Films crime film shot in CinemaScope starring Victor Mature, Anita Ekberg, Trevor Howard, Bonar Colleano and Sid James. It concerns an Interpol effort to stamp out a major drug smuggling cartel in numerous countries around the world. Victor Mature plays a US narcotics officer, with Trevor Howard as a drug baron..

  • Sanctuary Imdb

    Directed by Tibor Tak cs. With Mark Dacascos, Jaimz Woolvett, Kylie Travis, Alan Scarfe. Luke Kovak is part of a covert group within the CIA that works on illegal black ops involving blackmail and assassinations. When his boss orders the murder of one of the team, Luke realises how expendable they all are and gets out taking proof of their activities with him ..

  • Bonar Colleano Imdb

    Bonar Colleano was born in New York City. His name was Bonar Sullivan, but he took on his family’s stage name when he joined the Colleano family acrobatic circus act at , then at moved to England..

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