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Scandal A Series Finale Primer as the Gladiators and B? Say Farewell. After seven seasons, Olivia Pope and Associates will close up shop as ABC brings the Shondaland drama to a close Thursday. After seven seasons and more twists and turns along its episode plus run, ABC .[This story contains spoilers from the series finale of ABC s Scandal, “One of the things that Olivia says in the penultimate episode is this idea .SPOILER ALERT Do not read if you have not yet watched “Over a Cliff,” the series finale of “Scandal.” White hats, characters, Papa Pope .

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    There is a Republican in office, yet POTUS, two VPs, FLOTUS and the Chief of Staff all have views that are rather contrary to the party, like Fitz support for gun control or Mellie’s for Planned Parenthood and same marriage or Susan’s on immigration, to name a few..

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