Scandal Series Finale Details Spoilers Hollywood

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  • Scandal Series Finale Details Spoilers Hollywood

    After seven seasons, Olivia Pope and Associates will close up shop as ABC brings the Shondaland drama to a close Thursday..

  • Reactions To Scandals Series Finale Popsugar Com

    A few BIG spoilers for the series finale of Scandal below FYI! Lovers of liberty, the final episode of Scandal aired on Thursday night, and it’s a.

  • Watch Scandal Finale To Feature New Stevie Wonder

    Tonight’s anticipated finale of ABC’s Scandal will see Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope and her gladiators take their final bows. Details are scarce of what might occur during the series ender, but ABC has shared one thing that will happen The finale will feature a brand new track by Stevie Wonder that will air as the last song of the series..

  • Scandal Finale Spoilers As Tony Goldwyn Talks

    SPOILERS A lot went down on the Season finale of ‘Scandal’ tonight star director Tony Goldwyn takes us inside what happened, what’s next the upcoming final season.