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Image Result For What Is Digitization Definition From Whatis Com

  • Digitization Wikipedia

    Digitization, less commonly digitalization, is the process of converting information into a digital i.e. computer readable format, in which the information is organized into bits. The result is the representation of an object, image, sound, document or signal usually anog signal by generating a series of numbers that describe a discrete set of its points or samples..

  • What Is Dashboard Definition From Whatis Com

    In information technology, a dashboard is a user interface that, somewhat resembling an automobile’s dashboard, organizes and presents information in a way that is easy to read..

  • What Is Lean Management Definition From Whatis Com

    Lean management is an approach to running an organization that supports the concept of continuous improvement, a long term approach to work that systematically seeks to achieve small, incremental changes in processes in order to improve efficiency and quality..

  • New Media Wikipedia

    New media are forms of media that are native to computers, computational and relying on computers for redistribution. Some examples of new media are telephones, computers, virtual worlds, single media, website games, human computer interface, computer animation and interactive computer installations New media are often contrasted to “old media”, such as television, radio, and print media .