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  • What Is A Chief Digital Officer A Digital Strategist And

    Some chief digital officers report to the CIO or to the CMO. But when chief digital officers fulfill a more visionary function, they should report to the CEO or perhaps the COO, experts say. In fact, Gurumurthy argues, in those situations, other technology executives should report to the chief digital officer..

  • The Rise Of The Chief Digital Officer

    THE RISE OF THE CHIEF DIGITAL OFFICER . I. n , Deloitte published a report on the impact of digital disruption across industries called . Digital disruption .

  • The Rise And Fall Of The Cdo Deloitte Us

    Chief digital officer The rise and fall? of the CDO Digital a new role has emerged at the top table of many organisations to advocate for and take command of .

  • What It Means When Your Company Hires A Chief Digital

    The chief digital officer CDO role is on the rise in the C suite. Companies that are considering hiring a CDO believe they need an empowered leader to drive business growth by accelerating the integration of digital across the organization, shifting the business away from existing models and .