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The Chief Digital Officer has replaced the data scientist as theiest new job. But what does the CDO actually do?.

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    At the Argyle Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum in New York a few weeks back I delivered a keynote on the rise of the Chief Digital Officer. Turns out that half the attendees were already performing the CDO role, while the other half were considering it..

  • What Does A Chief Digital Officer Do Responsibilities

    The title of Chief Digital Officer CDO , sometimes called a Chief Digital Information Officer CDIO , may seem self descriptive they manage digital information, right? but the everyday reality is that the job, responsibilities, and developing roles of a CDO are many and ever evolving..

  • Key Duties Of The Chief Digital Officer Zdnet

    He describes his epiphany coming from listening to digital leaders at the recent Chief Digital Officer Global Forum. See they even have their own forum now Here are key roles that should go into the job description of the chief digital officer Develop a second explanation of the digital strategy..

  • What Is A Chief Digital Officer A Digital Strategist And

    Some chief digital officers report to the CIO or to the CMO. But when chief digital officers fulfill a more visionary function, they should report to the CEO or perhaps the COO, experts say. In fact, Gurumurthy argues, in those situations, other technology executives should report to the chief digital officer..