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  • Myth No Digital Transformation Requires A Chief

    Digital transformation is the responsibility of the entire executive team and the board. When the CEO has a business savvy, customer obsessed CMO working alongside a business savvy, customer obsessed CIO, between them they can help deliver a successful transformation without a chief digital officer see Myth No. . I’m not saying the chief digital officer role is without merit far from it..

  • Chief Digital Officer Role Will Become Obsolete Forrester

    The chief digital officer role is expected to become obsolete within five years as chief information officers become more business savvy and enterprises become digital, according to a .

  • Predictions Cios Make The Chief Digital Officer Obsolete

    While technology is at the core of the shift to digital, CIOs will have to develop the right culture and talent mix to turn their tech management organizations into the digital transformation office. This document outlines Forrester’s key predictions for CIOs in ..

  • Chief Digital Officer Fad Or Future Forrester

    Over the past nine months I’ve been interviewing chief digital officers and senior digital leaders across a variety of industries to gain insight into the emerging role of digital leadership..