Chief Digital Officer Gdf Suez

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  • Say Goodbye To The Chief Digital Officer Forbes

    Consider the definition in Wikipedia “A Chief Digital Officer CDO is an individual who helps a company, a government organisation or a city drive growth by converting traditional “.og .

  • Do You Know Our Chief Digital Officer Lets Introduce

    Meriem is in the center of the digital transformation as SUEZ Chief Digital Officer. She shares her viewpoints about the city of tomorrow, a sustainable city not only relying on technology but even more on user experience. In her daily mission, she has to organize a change in order to make services faster and more accessible for every citizen..

  • Interview De Meriem Riadi Chief Digital Officer Suez

    Notre Chief Digital Officer, Meriem Riadi, pr sente ses missions et nous explique comment d velopper la ville ressource travers le digital.

  • Catherine Cousinard Chief Digital Officer Engie

    Chief Digital Officer for Engie BB France which gathers Engie Cofely, Engie INEO, Engie Axima and Endel Engie designing and implementing installations services for entreprises, factories, cities and territories in France..