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Paul James is Government Chief Digital Officer GCDO , previously called the Government Chief Information Officer GCIO . As functional .This role oversees the development and management of digital for the state sector. Paul James is the GCDO, and also the Chief Executive CE .Colin MacDonald has resigned as Department of Internal Affairs CEO and government Chief Digital Officer. Paul James, chief executive of the .Consider the definition in Wikipedia “A Chief Digital Officer CDO is an individual who helps a company, a government organisation or a city .

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    The Chief Digital Officer CDO creates a unifying digital vision, energizes the company around digital possibilities, coordinates digital investments, helps to rethink products and processes for the digital age, and sometimes provides critical tools or resources. The CDO also needs to drive appropriate synergies, build a clean technology platform, and foster innovation..

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    Because the chief digital officer role is so reliant on the use of technology, there is an overlap with the chief information officer CIO position and there’s some competition as a result .

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    Responsibilities of the Chief Digital Officer the Argyle Leadership in Digital Marketing Forum in New York a few weeks back I delivered a keynote on the rise of the Chief Digital Officer .

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    Of all the new tech related CXO titles, chief digital officer may the most loosely defined. At many companies, the chief digital officer is a customer facing role that signals a commitment to a .