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The chief digital officer role and responsibilities. If being the evangelist in chief for drawing value from data and changing business processes is part of the chiefytics officer role, that function is front and center for chief digital officers. A digital strategist and evangelist in chief.”. If data is new oil for the digital economy, then CDOs need to be on top of the rig, getting their hands dirty on a daily basis.. The chief data officer CDO position continues to gain importance within Related Article More Digital Business = More Chief Digital Officers .A chief data officer CDO is a corporate officer responsible for enterprise wide governance and utilization of information as an asset, via data processing,ysis, data mining, information trading and other means..

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    Where do chief data officers, chief digital officers, and chiefytics officers fit in the reporting structure? In a recent Gartner survey of both chief data officers and chiefytics officers, percent said they reported to the CEO..

  • Chief Data Officer Wikipedia

    The Chief Data Officer title shares its abbreviation with the Chief Digital Officer but the two are not the same job. The Chief Data Officer has a significant measure of business responsibility for determining what kinds of information the enterprise will choose to capture, retain and exploit and for what purposes..

  • Chief Digital Or Chief Data Officer Andrew White

    The author defines chief data officer as really only interested in big data and possiblyytics as opposed to all things data and decision management period. The author does a pretty good job of describing the broad role needed, but he incorrectly ascribes it to the chief digital officer..

  • What Is A Chief Data Officer A Leader Who Creates

    What is a chief data officer? A leader who creates business value from data A chief data officer oversees a range of data related functions to ensure your organization is getting the most from what could be its most valuable asset..